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The Game is not the Experience

The game enables the experience, but it is not the experience. The experience is imaginary but games are judged by the quality of this imaginary thing because it is the reason people play games. It’s us who create the experience.

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Founded in 2021, we have been putting our precious time into what we love most, the fundamentals of game making. A game is a game. The principles that make the classic games fun are the same principles that make the most modern games fun, we are bound to these principles.

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  • Homeless Life

    When playing the role of homeless people, making their living, what will you do to earn money, buy food, find a place to live, life is not easy, surviving in the city is a challenge. . The life of a homeless person, at first you will have to beg for money, the game allows you to earn extra money by buying and changing clothes in the style of the homeless, the fashion of the homeless Also a way to make money. You can cosplay other jobs like magician, street painter, saxophone, astronaut, etc. Also you can go all over the world to cities, tokyo, paris, greece, meet famous people like singers, billionaires, actors, to beg.

  • Brain Wipe: Wipe Out Your Brain With Puzzles

    Brain Wipe is a game that helps you wipe out ordinary puzzles, it will disturb your imagination with crazy questions and shocking answers. Brain Wipe combines your memory, IQ, imagination, creativity. To get through the door? Don't do it the usual way! Stages of the game Survival on a deserted island: You will get lost on a deserted island and answer tough questions how to survive and return to the mainland Fairy Tale World Adventure: You'll go back to fairy tales and help fairy tale characters overcome bad news Tabby Cat Diary: Take care of your naughty tabby cat Monster hotel: Tony accidentally strayed into the hotel full of monsters, use your IQ, answer brain-damaging questions to help him get out of here. And most of the levels are constantly updated by us

  • Football vs BasketBall

    Football, a game that is no longer strange to us. It's everywhere, but not everyone can play it. Why don't we take a moment to play this game? Football is a game that combines 2 or more people in a small sports field. On the phone, the game is designed in the yard with a basketball to score and some more interesting lyrics. The special thing is that there is no need for two or more people to play Football. In this game, the player uses the ability to shake the phone at will and make the ball into the basket. Although in reality, the game needs a back-and-forth cooperation between teammates to score points. However, in this game, the game looks simple and thinks it's easy to score, but we have to admit that: the ball is not as we think it is. They roll, collide, catalyze the wall and in a particular way, we have a goal. Yeah , a great point to move to a higher level , more new attractions . I'm sure you have to be more patient to play this game to the highest level.

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  • Break Block - Recuse The Pig - Puzzle Miner Game

    Break Block - Rescue The Pig - Puzzle Miner Game is a puzzle game, the player's task is to break blocks of wood to rescue a poor pig for boss Steve. Break Block - Recuse The Pig - Puzzle Miner Game is not an official Mojang application. This game is not associated or connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with this game's creator or its licensors.

  • Chinese Chess - Co Tuong Online - Co Tram Tuong

    🎉Chinese Chess Online - Co Tram Tuong - Become the number one King with millions of players all over the world.

    1️⃣ Is a 100% online game, no bot, the opponent is a real player corresponding to the level.
    2️⃣ There is a world messaging system that helps you communicate with other players quickly
    3️⃣ Play free.
    4️⃣ Extremely good connection - Good quality.
    5️⃣ Create a private room to play with friends.
    6️⃣ The system to open the gift chest and the spin lucky wheel brings many great rewards.
    7️⃣ Music in the game relaxes you.
    8️⃣ The achievement system, daily quests are extremely rich.
    9️⃣ Fast support and response.

  • Shooter Hero Online - 5 vs 5 Battle

    * Shooter Hero Online is the online game, you can with 9 other players in the match. * The game has 3 modes with total 7 enviroment maps, include: >< Save the world, the player will play with the team have 4 other players and fight with monsters, in the last step, they will kill the boss to save the world. >< Play single, the player will fight with 9 other players to get the highest score. >< Play team, 5 players per team, the match have 2 teams and they will protect them team to get the highest score to victory.

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